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    • First Stage

      First Stage

      26TH July 1998 TO 2007
      Company established with just non-financial equity: our integrity
      Business Focus: China and East Asia trade
    • Second Stage

      Second Stage

      2007-2012;Seed for growth first sowed, CA bought its first tweendeckers and trained its own seafarers;Business Focus: China-SE Asia on owned vessels
    • Third Stage

      Third Stage

      2012-Now;Much enlarged fleet by chartered-in vessels to run more liner services;Business Focus: Professional sea carrier with shipowner background
    • Onwards from now

      Onwards from now

      Onwards from now
      We continue to be proud of being a link in the supply chain to help carry prosperity to destination countries.


      Human is respectable per se

      Human is respectable because it is human, from which good characters will grow no matter what environment or inheritance. But bad characters will also grow given the wrong environment.

      Learn for Nature

      Human learns from Land, Land learns from Heaven, Heaven learns from Tao and Tao learns from Nature.

      Compassion to contribute as you would like to receive

      Let others live as you would like to live, let others achieve as you would like to achieve. Impose others not the things you do not wish for yourselves.

      Do the right thing, even no one is watching

      The back of my statues is as important because God can see them. (Phidias on the Zeus of the Parthenon)

      Keep the words, or faith will be lost

      Confucius, “Administration is about economy, national defenses and people’s faith. If can’t keep them all, we let go economy, then defenses but never faith.

      Dynamic harmony, not artificial

      Harmony is not single melody, not single-handed, not one says and others to obey. Harmony is yin and yang going against each other while supporting each other, not too much and not too little.

      Systems with reflect functions

      To autonomate is to have systems with built-in feedback mechanisms so that people know instantly whether the systems are working or not.

      It is contribution from action that matters.

      Take the first step to act, then you know how much or how little you know; Know better, then you will do better when act again.

      Adopt the right systems, not the systems we like.

      We continue to adopt the systems not because it has been effective in the past, but it is effective now and future.

      Healthy body and mind to energize

      To innovate is to restlessly change, and that requires strength; strength for the body is healthy life, and strength for the mind is healthy intellectual curiosity.

      Inspiration is not an end, but a beginning

      Innovation is not a moment of event but series of events to inspire as we move up along the learning curve.

      Renew again and again

      No single designer can renew today, renew day after day, then renew again and again. Endless renewals would only happen to a designer and the generations after, not a single designer alone.